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JumpShots Released!

JumpShots, my latest app, has been released. Inspired by my own jump photos and those of friends. Only for iPhone and the latest iTouch.

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FitBox Released!

FitBox, the first all-in-one fitness app for the iPhone has been released to the App Store!

Call Locator Logo

Call Locator Released!

Call Locator 1.0 has been released and approved for sale on the App Store! check it.

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Browse Later 1.2 Released

Browse Later has been updated to version 1.2!

Latest version adds setting which greatly speeds up subsequent downloads of sites by only downloading what's changed (text primarily).

Also keep your eyes peeled for Browse Later Lite. It's been submitted to the App Store, and is awaiting review.

Browse Later Logo

Browse Later Updated to v1.11

Browse Later was updated to version 1.11. This version fixes a bug where non-english characters would display incorrectly or not display at all.

Currently working on version 1.2. Very excited!

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Blacklist Updated

Blacklist has been updated to version 1.3. New version makes it easy to assign a ringtone (such as a silent ringtone) to Blacklist and also makes sure any number submitted to Blacklist is stored to Blacklist.

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Browse Later Available on App Store!

After many many weeks of waiting, bug testing, rating discrepancies etc. etc. Browse Later is finally available for download on the App Store! Check it.

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Blacklist v1.2 Now on the App Store

Blacklist v1.2 has been approved and is now on the app store. Check it out

Blacklist Logo

Blacklist Update v 1.2 Submitted to App Store

I've just submitted the most recent update to Blacklist to the App Store.

Added progress and loading screens to areas where I'd neglected to before and added the ability to download partial lists of numbers from callerdb.com. Now also fully tested to support iPhone OS 3.0.

Still waiting on Browse Later's acceptance into the App Store (15 days and counting), so who knows when this update will get there...

Browse Later Logo

Browse Later Submitted to App Store

My second App, Browse Later, has been submitted to the App Store. Icon and iTunes store link are pending its acceptance.

Submitted version was not tested on an OS 3.0 device, so I'm currently scrambling to get OS 3.0, the new SDK, and test the App! Stay tuned for updates.

Blacklist Logo

Blacklist Updated to 1.1

Blacklist has been updated to version 1.1. The new version adds the much-requested ability to delete the "Blacklisted Number" contact completely.

Blacklist Logo

Blacklist Released!

Blacklist, my first ever iPhone application, has been released on the App Store! Check out the Blacklist page (link at top of page) for more info.